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Do you have a hard time being brave enough to go after your goals?

If you answered “YES” then you may benefit from my

14-DAY Mindset-Reset Course!

I created this course because I noticed that many women suffer from nagging negative-thoughts that prevent them from reaching their goals and living the life they want.


14 Thinking Traps

How to Catch Unhelpful Thoughts in Action!

Your Thinking Patterns In A Thoughts Diary

The Power Of A Thoughts-Challenging Diary

Unhelpful Coping Strategies

How To Track Big And Small Successes You Achieve

Exercises To Finally Feel Worthy

Decide Whether To Keep Or Change Your Current Beliefs and Decisions

Narrow Down 1-3 Weaknesses That Impact Your Life

To Face Your Flaws In A Self-Loving Way

Your Personal Strengths Decoded

7-Step Mindset-Reset Successful Problem Solving

Your 10 Emotional States

How To Use The Bravery Ladder

Stop Letting What Other People Think Affect You

Craft Your Victory Vision And Plan of Action To Achieve Your Goals

Why You Say "YES" When You Actually Mean "NO"

How To Eliminate Envy

Delving Into Some Of Your Painful Triggers


Silence the inner critic and take back your power!

Access untapped potential and redefine who you are in the world!

Enjoy the journey!


Dr. Tosin Odunsi

Your Mental Wellness Coach

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