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Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

Do you know what you want to do but can’t figure out how to get there?

Would you like to set personal goals and actually achieve them?

I believe that when you develop a better understanding of your motivations and have a safe place to process your thoughts and feelings, you can make positive changes and reclaim your time.

I see you as someone on a life journey toward meaning and happiness.

It would be my privilege and honor to help you get there.

I listen carefully, share insights, teach you practices, give you homework, and actively support you in making the changes you seek. I am enthusiastic and committed to your success. If there is any part of you who wants to feel empowered and in charge of your own life, let’s connect and start the work!

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Life Motivation

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Grit and Resilience

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Mindset Reset:
Healthy Boundaries

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Mindset Reset:
Fail Forward

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Mock Interview

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