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Are you a busy woman who is tired of self-sabotaging your wellness goals?

Does your weight fluctuate when your stress and emotions do?

Do you often find yourself in patterns of negative self-talk?

Do you want to make better lifestyle habits in the safety and company of other women?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, then join the next LBT Monthly Wellness Challenge!

This monthly program was started in Fall 2019 and participants have had transformative results!

We start on the 1st of each month. During the challenge there will be simple ways to earn points, daily positive self-affirmations, opportunities to work out with other participants, and weekly check-ins.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards The Mentorship Squad Scholarship Fund!

I'm so excited to see women better themselves through sisterhood and accountability!

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Step: 1

Join the challenge
Starts the 1st of the month

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Step 2:

- Meditate on daily
positive self-affirmations
-Make better food choices
- Attend group workouts
- Weekly check-ins

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Step 3:

Stay motivated and
see yourself transform!

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Past Testimonials

Although I was already active in the gym, I was not consistent. My meals were definitely not the best, but I needed to make progress towards my goal. The group chat kept me motivated and challenged me daily. The daily affirmations posted by others were something for me to read at the end of the day to motivate myself. The weekly check-ins and zoom workouts really kept me stay on track. I have definitely noticed a whole lot of changes. I’m burning the body fat and gaining some muscle definition. I feel and look better and my clothes are fitting much better."

There's no testimony without a test. During this challenge, I tested myself to be active and to stay committed. Most importantly, I tested myself daily to be a better version of myself. As cliché as it sounds you only get out what you put in. During the challenge, I posted daily as I felt an obligation to be a good accountability partner to the other participants while holding myself accountable. Although I didn't meet my weight loss goals, I accomplished plenty of other "non-scale" goals along the way. We have what it takes to get the engine running and do better with our wellness goals, but having a group of people cheering you on is unexplainable. I would recommend this challenge to everyone. The knowledge shared, the lessons learned, and the relationships formed are worth it. Thanks for the accountability!!

I joined the LBT challenge at a physically and mentally low point in my life. I didn’t have the energy let alone the desire to exercise. Although I did not particularly exercise while the challenge was ongoing, what I did gain was a safe space to be vulnerable enough to acknowledge the need for counseling. I may have not shed pounds off my body, but I did get out of the funk that I had been in for several weeks prior.  The LBT challenge is not only geared towards physical health, but also mental health. I was lucky to join.
~Melissa © 2020  All Rights Reserved.