LBT 4-Week Wellness Challenge

I'm so excited to see women better themselves through sisterhood and accountability!


“The LBT Wellness Challenge has provided me with a close- knit community of women who aren't afraid of a little struggle and a little extra work. Every day, I am amazed at how the women find ways to complete each challenge even with their busy schedules and it motivates me to be the best version of myself. Without this community, I would be a weaker person physically and mentally. Thank you Dr. Tosin for creating such a supportive space for women!”

~Caitlin Molina

“I joined the LBT challenge at a physically and mentally low point in my life. I didn’t have the energy let alone the desire to exercise. Although I did not particularly exercise while the challenge was ongoing, what I did gain was a safe space to be vulnerable enough to acknowledge the need for counseling. I may have not shed pounds off my body, I did get out of the funk that I had been in for several weeks prior. So the LBT challenge is not only geared toward physical health but also mental health and I was lucky to join.”
“I did the 4-week Life by Tosin challenge and was amazed by the support and accountability of the group. The other women in the group became my gym family for the 4 weeks. We cheered each other on by providing daily affirmations, praising food choices, and clapping for workouts. Prior to joining the challenge, I was working out on average 3-4 times a week. I was mostly eating clean but indulged often. I had reached a point where my weight loss progress slowed. During the challenge I was motivated to workout everyday (with the exception of 1 day) and make healthy food choices. The women who worked out in the early morning gave me the motivation I needed to do my midday or evening workouts. The affirmations were timely and relevant. Overall, I lost 13.6lbs and made new IG friends.

Thanks again for a great group!”

~Nakia G.

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